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Yoga Equipment

At Massage Central we sell many types of Yoga , Shiatsu and Massage Mats. Handcrafted 100% cotton and also in organic cotton with choice of colors. The Mats come in sizes with ample room for you and your client. Custom Carrycases for easy carrying and storage. We carry Shoji screens, Crescents, Zabutons, Zafus, books, videos and much more. Please call us or email us with your questions and requests.

Shoji Folding Screen, Zafu Cushions, and Zabuton Pads

Our ShojiShoji Folding Screen is constructed of natural wood with rice paper panels. Perfect as a backdrop in your zazen (sitting meditation) room. 4' high with four 17" wide panels
Zafu meditation cushion, 8" high x 14" diameter, filled with kapok or buckwheat hull. Zafu crescent, 8" x 14", filled with kapok or buckwheat hull.
Zabuton cushion for use with zafu or by itself. Pure cotton batting inside with zippered, removable cover. 30" x 28" x2" or 30" x 28" x3"


YearsZabuton of Zen Center living have gone into the design of this mat. Five layers of cotton batting are stuffed into a muslin cover and tufted in four places to form a permanent inner cushion. A snug fitting zippered cover made from durable cotton/polyester blend is slipped over the inner cushion and tufted in the center for a finished look. No need to replace the entire zabuton when the cover becomes soiled. Simply clip the center tuft and remove the cover. All covers are washable and new ones may be ordered. 31" x 26" x 4".

Eye Pillows

100% Zabutonsilk and filled with organic flax seeds. Unscented or scented with dried organically grown lavender that works as a mood tonic, antidepressant, sedative and detoxifier. The shape of the pillow contours to your face adding gentle pressure and blocking out light, relieving tension and calming active muscles around the eyes. Used for deepening relaxation during Savasana, meditation and afternoon naps. Just surrender.

Yoga & Shiatsu Cotton Mats

The cotton Yoga or Shiatsu mat is for padding. This mat can be used flat, folded, or rolled in any amount as needed. To keep your feet from slipping, use a "sticky mat" - a lightweight rubber-like mat. Use them together, to keep elbows stable in the shoulder stand postures or to keep the mat itself from slipping. Cotton mats come in either regular or organic fibers. Organic cotton is distinctly different from conventional cotton, springier to the touch and with a cozy feel to it - one experience can convince you! Our organic cottons are at the top of the product line. The fabrics are either natural or colored with low impact dyes and are not treated with formaldehyde. Hybrids are conventional cotton inside with an organic cotton cover and this is one way to obtain the luxury of organic cotton on the outside where it touches your skin. Our regular/conventional cotton is not treated with fire-retardant chemicals.

Sticky MatsShoji

The sticky mat is a Yoga basic. It provides a non-slip and cushioned surface for yoga practice. Washable. 1/8" thick x 24" wide x 68" long. Emerald Green, Lapis Blue and Purple. Longer mats (72") available.