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Acupressure for Common Ailments Chris Jarney and John Tindall
96 pages

Applied Kinesiology Tom and Carole Valentine, with Douglas P. Hetrick, D.C.
Learn how to use muscle response techniques in diagnosis, therapy and preventive medicine. 140 pages

Aromatherapy for Women Maggie Tisserand.
A practical guide to essential oils for health & beauty, focusing on women. 176 pages

Art of Reflexology Dugans & Ellis.
A complete self-teaching guide which makes clear the close connection between reflexology & Chinese meridian theory. 196 pages

Awareness Through Movement Moshe Feldenkrais.
Increased sensory awareness with Feldenkrais movement, a modern-day program to build a healthy mind & body. 171 pages

Bioenergetics Alexander Lowen, M.D.
Bioenergetics is a dynamic form of therapy based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich. It links physical pain, muscle tension and postural disorders with state of mind. Dr. Lowen analyzes common complaints and shows how they can be overcome by releasing the muscular tension that creates them. 240 pages

Bodymind Ken Dychtwald.
Articulating the complex relationship between body type, personality & experience, a classic in its field. 300 pages

Bodywork Shiatsu Carl Dubitsky.
Skillfully integrating current western scientific research with traditional energetic concepts and techniques of shiatsu, Carl Dubitsky provides a new perspective on this ancient healing art. 252 pages

Bodywork Entrepreneur David A. Palmer.
A brilliant collection of essays, interviews and practical advice for bodywork professionals. 204 pages

Business Mastery Cherie Sohnen-Moe.
Required reading text in over 100 healing arts schools, a planning guide for creating a successful healing art practice, balancing practical business skills with a humanistic approach. 236 pages

The Complete Book of Acupuncture Dr. Stephen Thomas Chang
Discusses the basic theory behind acupuncture and how to use it to improve health and well-being. Learn about theories of energy flow, meridians, the law of the five elements, diagnostic procedures, techniques.

The Complete Book of Massage Clare Maxwell-Hudson
Beautifully illustrated photographs demonstrate massage on newborns to adults, head to toe. Aromatherapy, self massage, reflexology and shiatsu are also discussed. 144 pages

Essential Reiki Diane Stein
Presents full information on all three degrees of this healing system. 156 pages

Gray's Anatomy Henry Gray
The grandfather of anatomy books, Gray1s classic reference covers every aspect of the human body, from the structure of the brain to the formation of the embryo. 1,257 pages, 827 illustrations.

The Handbook of Chinese Massage Maria Mercati
Integrates classic Tui Na (push and grasp) techniques used in the Orient for centuries into a revolutionary method used to bring health and well-being to the whole body. 144 pages

Hands of Light Barbara Ann Brennan.
A guide to healing through the human energy field. An in-depth study of the role disease plays & how healing is achieved. Discover a new paradigm for health, the human aura. 294 pages

The Insurance Reimbursement Manual Christine Rosche, MA, MPH.
Learn how to receive payments from the insurance reimbursement system. Many helpful forms are included, as well as specific information for each state. 262 pages

Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork Deane Juhan
Every serious body therapist will benefit from this masterpiece. An exquisitely in-depth examination of the human body, blending theoretical skills and practical knowledge. 362 pages

Massage: A Career at Your Fingertips Martin Ashley.
Everything you need to know to become a successful massage therapist. A step-by-step user friendly career guide to help you with career change or career enhancement in the field of massage therapy. 290 pages

Massage Therapy Career Guide for Hands-On Success Steve Capellini.
Written by a practicing professional, this insightful guide gives you the tools that can turn your hands-on skills into life-long success. If you employ massage therapists in your business, this career guide offers critical insights that will make your entire operation more profitable. 343 pages

Rolfing and Physical Reality Ida Rolf.
In this book of lucid, informal talks, the woman behind the method speaks out about her experiences, her theories, and the therapy she developed of deep muscular/connective tissue manipulations.
215 pages

Save Your Hands Lauriann Greene, L.M.P.
Prevent career-threatening injuries. Learn about alternative hand-saving techniques, strengthening and stretching routines for massage therapists, how to keep demands of school and work from getting you injured, and treatment options, both traditional and alternative. 159 pages

Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage Mark F. Beck.
This easy-to-read book provides essential information to begin your massage career. Included are over 700 drawings and anatomy tables. Excellent as a school textbook. 693 pages

The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine ed J. Kaptchuk, O.M.D.
For the first time, an American fully trained in the practice of Chinese medicine explains this non-scientific, but often astoundingly effective, system of healing. 402 pages

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