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Essential Oils

On this page we show only a small portion of our AromathEssential Oilserapy items. We can mix any combination of different essionsail oils that you need for your practice. We also have books, warm diffusers, lamp rings and more. Please call or email us for more information.

Essential oils of flowers and plants have been used to promote health, beauty and well-being since the time of the Pharaohs. The most eEssential Oilsxclusive salons and spas have rediscovered the benefits of using essential oils in their treatments.

Basil Methyl-Chavicol, Vietnam, 1/3 oz.
Bergamot, Italy, 1/3 oz.
Birch, USA Wild, 1/2 oz.
Camomile Blue, Morocco Wild, 1/8 oz.
Cedarwood, Morocco Wild, 1/2 oz.
Citronella, Indonesia, 1/2 oz.
Clary Sage, France Organic, 1/3 oz.
Clove Buds, Indonesia Wild, 1/3 oz.
Cypress, Spain Wild, 1/3 oz.
Eucalyptus Rectified, Spain Wild, 1/2 oz.
Fir, Canada Wild, 1/3 oz.
Geranium, China Summer Crop, 1/3 oz.
Grapefruit, USA Pressed Peel, 1/2 oz.
Juniper Branches, France Wild, 1/3 oz.
Lavender, France, 1/2 oz.
Lemon, USA Pressed Peel, 1/2 oz.
Lemongrass, China, 1/2 oz.
Marjoram, Spain Wild, 1/2 oz.
Orange, USA Pressed Peel, 1/2 oz.
Patchouly, Indonesia, 1/3 oz.
Peppermint, USA, 1/3 oz.
Rosemary, Morocco Wild, 1/2 oz.
Rosewood, Brazil Wild, 1/3 oz.
Sandalwood Mysore, India Wild, 1/8 oz.
Spruce, Canada Wild, 1/8 oz.
Tangerine, USA Pressed Peel, 1/3 oz.
Tea Tree, Australia Wild, 1/2 oz.
Thyme Satureioides, Moroccan Wild, 1/3 oz.
Ylang Ylang, Comoros Islands, 1/3 oz.


Frankincense (Alcohol Extract), 1/3 oz.


Jasmine, 10% Blend w/Jojoba, 1/2 oz.
Rose Absolute, 10% Blend w/Jojoba 1/2 oz.