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Buying a Table

Things to Consider

  1. What do you want in your package? Table, headrest (regular or adjustable), bolsters, sheets, crescent covers, carrying case, oils, books, tools, charts, tapes... etc.
  2. What is your price range?
  3. How strong and light does your table need to be? Generally the stronger the heavier.


Moderate Strength Strong Strongest
  • for energy work
  • hands on
  • reflexology
  • facial
  • mild massage
  • weight = 18-27 lbs.


  • regular massage
  • moderate use of deep tissue
  • moderate mounting
  • weight = 20-34 lbs. .
  • agressive deep tissue
  • full mounting
  • weight = 24-42 lbs.


Choosing a width:

The wider the table, the more comfortable larger individuals will be, yet the wider the table the more difficult it is to move. This might be a problem for those therapists who are smaller in stature and strength. A good compromise is a narrow (24" - 27") table with arm rests. The arm rests give the larger clients support while they are on their backs. These tables are lighter and easier to move. The side arm rests are optional, adding to the cost.