The Oval Massage Table

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Please note: The Oval Massage table is made to order, only by special order.

Since ancient times the circle has been regarded as a symbol of life and has been used to provide an understanding of how to achieve harmony between nature and one's own spirit. Now there is a massage table design that captures the sacred nature of the circle. Reflecting the belief that all power and energy moves along a circular path, the Oval massage table, allows you to work in harmony with that flow as you move easily around the massage table. The quality of our craftsmanship and our attention to detail assure your client's comfort and well being. This allows you to focus on your work with complete peace of mind.



The Oval Massage Table Specs

Size: 30 " x 77"
weight: 32lbs.
height adjustment: 24" to 32"

foam: 3" medium density, non-fluorocarbon foam

Fabric: We use upholstery with amazing resistance to wear, stains and abrasions. Its finish enables it to withstand oil and strong detergents. It has the look and feel of fine leather and is available in a variety of beautiful colors
Built-in teardrop facehole provides support without sacrificing ease of movement around the table. Used with our fleece pad, fitted sheet and face hole pad, it offers superior comfort.

The Oval's attractive hardwood legs are recessed 6 inches from the ends and adjust from 24 to 32 inches in height.

Dual Headrest outlets.

One of a kind heart endplate or the Access End Plate (Reiki End Plate)

Table is available without facehole.

Optional facehole plug available

Massage Central is proud to offer this table for you and your clients comfort.
This special table is offered only at Massage Central and only by special order.
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